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Almost immediately after my mother gave birth to me in Stamford, Connecticut,  my family began a decades long odyssey that took us from living in India to New York to Australia to Houston and back to New York. 

While we were stationed overseas, my dad's company would fly us back to the U.S. annually to visit family.  We would always make this an extended vacation heading in one direction, stopping in many countries before returning to our assignment.  We made these trips around the world 6 times.  Different modes of travel, divergent cultures and exotic foods became second nature to me at a very young age. 

During these adventures, I developed a passionate interest in the natural world that ultimately led to several jobs in wildlife conservation before completing my degree in economics from Northwestern University and a law degree from The University of Texas.  This passion for wildlife continued throughout my life, ultimately leading to the construction of a raptor rehabilitation facility on our property in Colorado.  

As an adult, I have lived in New Orleans, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Durango, Denver, and now we are settled in Austin. 

It is with these experiences and backgrounds that I will approach each post.  They will contain my subjective opinion of restaurants, hotels/resorts and hot political topics of the day.

About: About
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